Description & Story

TroubleDays is a visual novel by qureate about living together with a Succubus.

You can play with yourself as the protagonist. When one day you get a visit from the succubus Lovelia. She’s here on a mission to harvest your technoforce. Or in other words, your sexual energy.

But while Lovelia looks stunning, you soon find out that this is actually her first ever assignment. And she lets that innocence get in the way of her harvest.

Without harvesting your technoforce, Lovelia cannot return back to the demon world. And is thus forced to live together with you. In a normal modern world.

So your days full of trouble begin…

TroubleDays English download edition

The adult edition of TroubleDays is available for download over at Mangagamer, Nutaku, Denpasoft (18+) or on Steam (all-ages).

A free downloadable TroubleDays R18 patch is also available from the official website.

Sample CGs