Uchikano – Living with My Sister!

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Description & Story

Uchikano – Living with My Sister! is a visual novel by the developer Argonauts and published by MangaGamer. The original Japanese name is “Uchi no Imouto”.

This visual novel is for fans of brother/sister romance and comedy. Fans who enjoy slice of slice and secret romances will also like Uchikano – Living with My Sister!.

There is just 1 heroine in Uchikano – Living with My Sister! but there’s also an After Story so don’t forget to view that as well. Completing both chapters will reward you with a complete gallery, all CG is uncensored.

The extra menu has a CG gallery, replayable scenes and a music player.

Story / setting

Our hero, Keisuke has a good job and a happy life. But nothing could prepare him for the reality of living alone. Maybe it’s time to look for a girlfriend?

When his parents fall sick, his little sister Riho moves in with him to study for exams. She’s older now and her love for him has always been more than just brother and sister. And Keisuke can finally see that she’s grown into a beautiful woman.

Sample CGs

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Uchikano – Living with My Sister! is available on MangaGamer.

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