Would you like to run an idol café?

Description & Story

Would you like to run an idol café is the first visual novel to be released under the label of StarlightTree Games. But has the backing of well known brand Winged Cloud.

You play as Naoya, your typical average guy who just went through a delinquent phase in high school. Currently he’s trying to get his life back in order and that means he’ll have to find a part-time job. Why you ask? Because Naoya needs to pay his part of the rent of the appartment that he lives in together with Ichigo, his childhood friend.

After various failed job applications he finally gets invited to a job interview at a local beach café. Called The Seaside Café. Somehow the manager of the cafe gives him the job right away without much trouble.

It’s time for Naoya to start his new job!

Sample CGs

Would you like to run an idol café download edition

Would you like to run an idol café is available for download over on Steam. A free 18+ DLC is available here (Put assets.rpa in your “game” folder within the game’s directory).