Yukikoi Melt

Description & Story

Yuki Koi Melt is a visual novel by Frontwing, and is themed around Winter. The story follows protagonist Miharu Okazaki, who actually is not a great fan of winter.

Miharu would like to do nothing more than laze around, but he is instead invited to join the “Winter club”, by the strangest girl in school called Usagi Inaba. For Miharu it’s the first winter in this new town and since he dislikes the cold he was originally planning to just “hibernate” until Spring arrived. But unable to refuse, he ends up joining the club.

His troubles really start once he’s invited into a former inn used exclusive by the winter club, and is owned by one of the other club members, Yuki Tsukumo. Will Miharu be able to hold out until Spring arrives?

English download edition

Yukikoi Melt is available for download through Steam. While an 18+ DLC patch is also available for free download here.

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