I Walk Among Zombies

Description & Story

I Walk Among Zombies is a visual novel by Japanese developer Seacoxx, and released in English through Denpasoft. This game is also called I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 1, since it’s the first entry in its series. Based on the popular web novel of the same title. At least, the Japanese one that is “Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai”.

In I Walk Among Zombies you play is Yuusuke, a 25-year old (former) office worker. After he lost his job he holed himself up in his room, playing video games. He would only leave his room once every few days to get some groceries. In one of these trips however, he was bitten by an old man. Bitten you ask? Yes bitten.

Yuusuke manages to stagger back to his apartment and fall asleep. But when next he wakes four days later, the whole world is in chaos. There are zombies everywhere. News sites have stopped functioning and the central government is in chaos. Roads are unusable, and on-and-on. A true apocalypse.

But wait, why was he still alive and not a zombie then? Wasn’t he bitten by a zombie? All information online mentioned that he should’ve been dead after just one day. But it’s been several already!? What’s going on? Can Yuusuke find answers?

I Walk Among Zombies uncensored adult download edition

I Walk Among Zombies is available as an uncensored download edition over at  denpasoft or on Steam.

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