Append book for Lovely x Cation 1 & 2

Hibiki Works and Kadokawa Enterbrain will be publishing a new visual fan book for both entries in the Lovely x Cation series. The series already had a previous visual fan book and this book will contain a compilation of the various append life additions to the series. It’ll also feature art by Tasuku Iizuki, mixing heroines of both series together. The book will available at the end of April, with pre-orders available at

Book details:
Name: LOVELY×CATION1&2 Append Book
Original name: LOVELY×CATION1&2 アペンドブック
Publisher: KADOKAWAエンターブレイン
Release date: 2013-04-30
ISBN-10: 4047304603
ISBN-13: 978-4047304604
Pages: 112