Pillow covers for Golden Marriage’s Touko and Marika to release in June

Touko Ichijouji and Marika von Wittelsbach of the Golden Marriage visual novel by Ensemble will be getting their own pillow covers. Both princess Marika and Touko, the daughter from a wealthy family, are wearing most of their wedding dress on one side and even less on the other side.

The covers are 500 x 1600mm and made of 2-way Tricot Aqua Lycra. And if you pre-order now they’ll come with a “Sleeping Together” voice drama DL code, which you can download from Ensemble’s official site. Both covers are likely to ship at the end of June. For all pictures and pre-order prices refer to either J-List (Marika, Touko) or AmiAmi (Marika, Touko)


Golden Marriage

Golden Marriage is a game by Ensemble featuring 6 heroines. It was released in May 2014 and as the name implies, is themed around marrying one of those heroines. It has received a fandisc called Jewel Days in March this year.