OP movie for Parasol’s Quintuple Splash (hot splash)

Today Parasol has published the OP movie for their 6th title, “Quintuple ☆ Splash”, a game that features 5 heroines. The movie was published on their official Youtube channel here and features an introduction of each of these heroines, as well as a batch of sub-characters.

The song in the movie is called “hot splash!” and was composed by iyuna with the help of solfa feat. Chata for the vocals. If you want to see more of the CGs that you can preview in the movie, then I recommend taking a look at the game’s official site. It was updated just earlier this weekend with several new CGs previews (nsfw).

Quintuple ☆ Splash is currently scheduled to release on December 25.


In Quintuple ☆ Splash, the protagonist’s school has a long-standing history with the nearby all-girl’s school.

It’s right after the end-of-terms exams when the director of the all-boy’s school calls together an assembly of the entire school and announces that the school is in financial trouble. The only way out would be to merge with the aforementioned sister school. Following the merge, the protagonist’s school would close down and all the students would have to attend the school in the neighboring town.

The protagonist moves into the dorm specified by his new school. Once he arrives, the talented former student council president, Sae, and his childhood friend, Mio, greet him. Add in his little sister Tomoe and you end up with a dorm full of girls.

And there’s more. Just before the new school term he decides to pay a visit to the local pool, where he catches a glimpse of a beautiful girl named Sahori. Their meeting marks the start of a change in his heart, and the beginning of his own love story