Trial Edition for Moonstone Honey’s Ojou-sama to Himitsu no Otome

A trial has been released for the debut game under the new Moonstone Honey label, Ojou-sama to Himitsu no Otome. The game with art by Tsuchiyu Sakurazaka (vndb) and Nao Hinata (vndb) will feature a crossdressing protagonist and is set to release on June 26. You can get the trial over at the official website or directly from Holyseal, it’s filesize is roughly 611MB.

Only just last weekend the website for the game has been updated with several new CGs, most of them love-scene related. Also, the game has received gold status and is thus ready for its release.

Ojou-sama to Himitsu no Otome trial

Ojou-sama to Himitsu no Otome

The protagonist in Ojou-sama to Himitsu no Otome is Yuuri Shinohara, a crossdressing yet kind boy who is attending an all-girls school. Since he’s the future heir of a famous fashion brand for women’s clothing he is expected to know a lot about the subject. But he’s actually weak around women and doesn’t really understand them, making it impossible for him to inherit the fashion brand. Read all.