Trials for D.S. -Dal Segno- and Natsuiro Kokoro Log, amongst others

A few new trial editions have been released that we didn’t want to keep from you. They are for games by Windmill Oasis, Akabei Soft 3, Hearts, and Circus!

So let’s start with Wizards Complex by Windmill Oasis. The trial edition was originally released on January 28, but it was replaced quickly after they found a flaw. You can get the updated version from one of the mirrors listed on the download page of the game’s website here. The size of the trial is 473 MB.

Wizards Complex trial

Wizards Complex story

In the world of Wizards Complex, magic has made its way into everyone’s daily lives for years now, although magic has only been found in women. Until unexpectedly, the youthful male protagonist Aoi Shinonome is discovered to have magic presence in him as well. Being the only confirmed male in the world with magic presence he gets a sensational title and transfers into a magic Academy.

With students coming from all over the world, the school is administered by two separate student councils. One for all of the Japanese students, and one for all the foreign students. Both of them are located into their own separate towers, making the Academy a slightly special one (if you already leave the magic part out).

Aoi is of course nervous about starting at the academy as the only male, and as soon as he arrives he is immediately coerced into the Japanese student council. They need his powers for the intense “war ” that will be going on with the other student council. There’s only one problem, Aoi can’t really use any magic.

How will Aoi survive his time at the magic Academy? All eyes are focused on him, even though he doesnt possess any special powers. And what about the battle between the two different student councils?

Omokage ~Ecchi na Happening!? Nandemo Dontokoi!~ (Akabei Soft3)

The second trial in the list is the one for Akabei Soft’s latest title, “Omokage ~Ecchi na Happening!? Nandemo Dontokoi!~“. With 931 MB this trial edition might take a little longer to download, but it should be a quick decision if you want to get an initial taste of Tobari Amakusa’s art. If you’re unable to access the official game site here you can also head over to the game’s Getchu page (NSFW) to start your download, just click on the blue button next to the game’s cover image.

Omokage Ecchi na Happening Nandemo Dontokoi promo

Also, Akabei Soft has published the game’s OP movie, featuring new VN vocalist Kaede Hayami. Head over to their Youtube channel if you’re interested.


In Omokage, a strange rumor has been spreading in the town of our protagonist, Sei. It’s said that several people witnessed a girl getting it on solo in public. They say that they can hear her voice. As a male, Sei of course would want to see the spectacle, but on the other hand he thinks it’s probably just an urban legend.

Then one day, he actually happens to see the “urban legend” in action. Or at least, that’s what it looked like to him. He couldn’t see very well after all.
In the days that follow he remembers the strange sensation that he got from seeing the girl.

Where’s this sensation coming from? And what is it? Sei’s curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to take a step forward. He’ll now try to find the girl that gave him that strange sensation.

D.S. -Dal Segno- (Circus)

It’s been a while since Dal Segno was announced, but now its release date is slowly getting closer and closer. This trial edition might come slightly early, but hopefully can get you ready for when the full game becomes available in April. The official game site lists a large selection of download mirrors, all ready for your 433 MB download.

Uniquely, Circus also published an Android version of this trial edition. So you can play it on your device in case you don’t have a PC nearby.

Dal Segno trial


The story of Dal Segno takes place on an island with an everlasting summer and a pleasantly refreshing climate. It’s almost like paradise. An island where everybody can be happy. The protagonist in the story has just transferred to the school on the island. Where shortly after arriving he meets an AI in the shape of a girl named “Ame”. She’s responsible for maintenance of the island, and guides him to the student dorms.

Waiting for him in the dorm and at school are the other 4 heroines in the story. They are all vastly different and include a flawless oujou-sama and a girl stuck in her own childish dreams. Just what kind of happiness is waiting for our protagonist?

Natsuiro Kokoro Log (Hearts)

The last trial in this post will be for the 3rd game by Heart, Natsuiro Kokoro Log. The game features 4 heroines and will have art by Sakura Shiromochi, who also worked on Majo Koi Nikki for example.

Now, this trial isn’t exactly a downloadable one, it’s an early online impression trial. If you head over to the special page here and click on the big preview image, you’ll get the opportunity to play an early online sneak-peak. Note that it may take a while to load at first.

Natsuiro Kokoro Log trial


Protagonist Yoshito is fairly confident in his skills at beat’em-up games, but he suffers a quick defeat when he’s challenged by top rank player Kisara. As a result of his defeat, Yoshito has to join the computer research club, of which Kisara is the leader. Since it’s a new club though, there aren’t many members yet.

Luckily it doesn’t take long before his childhood friend Kuon and his sister Rin join the club, as well as his classmate and friend Kotone.

One day during summer vacation, their club advisor asks Yoshito to be the tester of a love simulation game. It turns out that this game uses the girls from the computer research club as avatars in the simulator. How will their digital selves compare to their real personalities?

From that moment, a strange love story begins, mixing reality and virtual space…