Website opened for Hooksoft’s Amenity’s Life

Japanese developer Hooksoft has opened up the website for Amenity’s Life. The first full title after last year’s release of Traveling Stars. It’ll also be the first title by new artist “Rinks”, while story writers Nao Sakuragi and Shinji Matsukura aren’t new names on the scene. The first one you might know from the well received PriministAr by Hooksoft in 2013, and the latter has written for Smee’s Fureraba before.

Pages available on the newly opened website are a story page, a page with some unique points on the game, as well as character pages for all 5 heroines and a spec page.

The protagonist in Amenity’s Life had spend a normal day yesterday, and went to bed at his usual time. Yet when wakes he up he suddenly finds a naked girl sleeping next to time. Things become even more incomprehensible when she tells him that she actually is his smartphone. But that’s not all, the next moment his childhood friends burst into the room and bursts into tears when she finds him with this unknown naked girl.

More people appear soon after, one claiming to be his headphones and the next girl identifies herself as the kitchen oven. What the hell has happened in his home!?

Release date
An exact date has not yet been announced, but its release is expected in 2016 at least.