World Election’s teaser page opens further and includes full list of cast

Visual novel brand Whirlpool has updated the teaser page for their 10th anniversary work “World Election”. It has been upgraded from the original silhouette image that was there at the start of the month and it now shows an image of all heroines in full color, whereby the front row of girl seem to be the main heroines.

The page also has a more detailed image of two of these likely heroines, as well as the confirmed list of staff members. It confirms that the artists will indeed be Mamizu Mikagami (vndb), Tenmaso (vndb), Robo Ichikura (vndb), and R Ken (vndb). Same goes for scenario writer Yuu Oomiya (vndb).
Oh, and do note that each character has their designer listed right below their names.

World Election teaser 2

Cast list

Now, the cast list isn’t exactly new, since the company has been updating aforementioned teaser page with the names one by one, once a day. With the updated page however, the full list is available. Note: since there’s no official list of romanizations available yet the character names are simply a guess on my side (or literal transcriptions in case of katakana):

  • Faura Rinansu (Ponytail fox girl): Choko Moka (vndb)
  • Sophia Yusuti (Red hair): Kazane (vndb)
  • Kururu (Silver/white hair ponytail): Sawa Sawasa (vndb)
  • Iori Shishidou (?) (Black hair): Aoi Uehara (vndb)
  • Pafill (Short yellow hair): Hana Akino (vndb)
  • Merou Acrill (Elf maid): Ichigo Momoi (vndb)
  • Ponko Ninami (Short girl + brown hair): Sanma Aji (vndb)
  • Mushua Corkutto (?) (Darker skin elf): Rino Kawashima (vndb)
  • Mirieru (Blond): Ryouko Tezuka (vndb)
  • Satsuki Kehouin (Pink hair + apron): Mei Misonoo (vndb)
  • Minayo: Mio Oukawa (vndb)

Release date

Currently the game has been set for a release in February.