I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 2 Walkthrough (Seacoxx / Sekai Project / Denpasoft)


This is a walkthrough for I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 2, second entry in the visual novel series by Seacoxx and published in English by Sekai Project. Available for download here (fully uncensored) or on Steam here

The story is a direct continuation of the story in I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 1 so it’s highly recommended that you play that first.

In this volume of the story you’ll meet with new heroine Sayaka. A beautiful lady. But also has content with Vol 1 heroine Mitsuki, as well as zombie girl Tokiko.

While Vol 1 was a kinetic novel without choices, I Walk Among Zombies Vol. 2 has one choice to offer the player. This guide is based upon the original Japanese walkthrough by Seiya-Saiga. So all credits to them.

You’ll need 1 save slot for this guide, and you’ll also unlock all (uncensored) CGs.

I Walk Among Zombies series walkthroughs


  • Start
  • (Choose whether to see the recap or not)
  • Save Slot 1
  • Go back to the town hall.

Tokiko Harem End

  • Load Slot 1
  • Remain here forever.

Additional scenes *Available after finishing the main route

  • 001 – Mitsuki and the Girl
  • 002 – Mitsuki’s Recipe
  • 003 – Mitsuki’s Memories
  • 004 – Makiura’s Affection
  • 005 – Rainy Day Rendezvous

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