I Walk Among Zombies Vol.2

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Description & Story

I Walk Among Zombies Vol 2 is the direct continuation of the first visual novel in the series, I Walk Among Zombies Vol.1. Developed by Seacoxx, and released in English through Denpasoft.

The story of I Walk Among Zombies Vol.2 starts with protagonist Yuusuke and Mitsuki on their way to the Ohno Town Hall. With Mitsuki’s brother in urgent need of medical care, they don’t have any other choice. Since the town hall is on a small island only reachable by three bridges, it’s a fairly good defensive location.

Once there, they were welcomed and provided with medical care. The doctor in charge is a beautiful woman named Sayaka.

So now that the two protagonists are in the town hall. What will they do next? Wait for evacuation or leave once the group is healthy enough?

I Walk Among Zombies Vol 2 uncensored download edition

The English release of I Walk Among Zombies Vol.2 is fully uncensored, and available for download over at Denpasoft or on Steam here. Do note that it’s recommend to first finish volume 1 before starting volume 2.

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