Sweet Switch walkthrough (Mangagamer)

Nightmare x Vampire Inferno of Retribution

This is a walkthrough for the English version of Sweet Switch, a visual novel originally developed by Japanese developer Ammolite and translated by Mangagamer. The full original Japanese title is “Sweet ☆ Switch ~Majiwaru Shisen de Torokeru Karada~”.

Sweet Switch is a game with 2 heroines (Sara and Fumino) and not too many choices. So if you follow the instructions below you should be able to unlock everything. Including all CGs. You’ll need 2 save slots for this guide.


  • Save slot 1
  • Go with Sara
  • Save Slot 2
  • Accompany Sara


  • Load slot 1
  • Go with Fumino
  • Take photos with Fumino

Threesome ending

  • Load slot 2
  • Take photos with Fumino

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