Tsumairo Shoujo ~Fuufu Seikatsu, Hajimemasu~

Description & Story

Tsumairo Shoujo, or Sweet Young Bride, is a visual novel by Japanese developer Ammolite. In this game you play through the eyes of Kouta, an average man in Japanese society. In this version of the world, the government has set up a marriage program. Meaning that the elite in this world can just sit around doing nothing and have their spouses chosen for them.

Not being part of that elite, Kouta believes that he has to search for a wife by himself. But then one day he receives a notice from the marriage program. For some reason they’ve picked out a young bride for him. Her name is Hazuki. Soon after the initial contact by the program, the two of them marry and start their married life.

Live through Kouta’s eyes as you start your newlywed life with Hazuki. She, who is fully dedicated to you, is willing to do anything for her husband.

Sweet Young Bride English Download edition

An English adult download edition for Sweet Young Bride is available at Mangagamer. It’s the second game by Ammolite that was translated. A list of their other English titles is available here.


Sweet Young Bride does not need a walkthrough. It’s a kinetic visual novel that doesn’t provide any story choices.

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