Bitter Exclusion (Haburare) Walkthrough (Mangagamer)

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This is a walkthrough for the English version of Bitter Exclusion, a visual novel originally developed by Japanese developer Ammolite and translated by Mangagamer. The full original Japanese title is “Haburare”. This guide is based on the Japanese walkthrough by Seiya-Saiga, but instead adjusted to match the translation. All credit to them.

Bitter Exclusion is a game with 2 main characters (Kaho and Aoi). If you follow the instructions below you should be able to unlock everything. Including all CGs. You’ll need 4 save slots for this guide.

End 1

  • Save slot 1
  • To go see Genta in person
  • Save Slot 2
  • Go home
  • Choose Kaho
  • Save Slot 3
  • Not interested in what Kaho has to say
  • Couldn’t decide between the two
  • Still couldn’t decide between the two
  • Save Slot 4
  • Ate his own lunch

End 2

  • Load slot 1
  • To call on his phone
  • Choose Aoi
  • Ate Aoi’s lunch

Bad End 1

  • Load slot 2
  • Go back

Bad End 2

  • Load slot 3
  • Interested in what Kaho has to say

Scene Recovery

  • Load slot 4
  • Ate Kaho’s lunch

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