Funbag Fantasy

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Description & Story

Funbag Fantasy, or Kyonyuu Fantasy, is a visual novel by Japanese company Waffle. Translated into English by Mangagamer.

Lute is a simple man who likes simple things like bread and boobs. He was never ambitious enough to seek wealth or aspire for fame and glory, but that never stopped him from spotting D-cups from the other side of town.The most notable thing he ever achieved in life was to get into the Kingdom of Elderant’s prestigious Royal Knight Academy. Unfortunately, he spent most of his time ogling his classmate Isis’s chest before finally graduating the last of his class.

Lute is the kind of person most people would call a loser or a good-for-nothing. Though he isn’t the type to let such insults bother him, he was now a knight and that meant girls, girls, girls! Or at least that’s what it would have meant if he didn’t get sent to the backwater province of Boan. Little does he know, his relegation to the middle of nowhere would put him in the middle of a conspiracy to overthrow the crown, and between the busty mounds of a man-eating succubus bent on sucking the life out of him.

-Taken from Mangagamer’s announcement post.

Funbag Fantasy uncensored download edition

Mangagamer released English translation of the game called “Funbag Fantasy”. You can download it from their shop here.

CG Samples

Funbag Fantasy CG1Funbag Fantasy CG2Funbag Fantasy CG4Funbag Fantasy CG3

Discounted import editions
If you’re looking to import the Japanese version, J-list currently holds discounted editions for both Kyonyuu Fantasy 1 & Kyonyuu Fantasy 2.


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