Visual novel highlights week Jul 3 – Jul 9, including a new game by Akabei Soft and a new Amusecraft brand

This post will provide a summary of visual novel news from both English and Japanese titles over the past week (Jul 3 – Jul 9). It’s a new concept so the format is still experimental, but for now it has been split between English Visual Novels, Japanese Visual Novels, and Nukige games specifically.


Anime expo took place last weekend so there were plenty of delicious announcements for both English and Japanese games. A roundup post is available here. Definitely worth checking out if you’re waiting for your favorite titles to come over to the west.

English visual novels

New monster girl visual novel: Monmusu

Developer Tentacle Games has opened a page (nsfw) for upcoming monster girl visual novel, Monmusu. In the game you play as a monster girl summoner where you’ll be able to summon different monsters by gathering summoning materials.

The game will be distributed on Steam for free but does offer purchasing in-game. A free 18+ patch will be made available to unlock 18+ content.

Kickstarter for Episicava Vol. 1

A kickstarter campaign was (re-)started for the funding of Episicava Vol. 1, an action/adventure visual novel inspired by series like Fate, Tokyo Babel, and more. An extended demo is available for those interested.

At the current time of writing this original post, the project is about at its halfway goal of being funded.

Short English title news

  • Fate/Extella will get a PC release named “Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star” on July 25.
  • The Steam edition and adult patch for Battle Girls by StudioX are now available.
  • Mangagamer also released the Rance VI + 5D Deluxe Edition hard copy edition

Japanese visual novels

Website opened for Wonder Fool’s Junjou Karen Freaks!

Wonder Fool opened the website for their second visual novel, Junjou Karen Freaks. This game will feature art by new artist Bonnie and a scenario written by veterans Hozakura and Yoshii Hajime.

On the website we learn that there’ll be 4 heroines available, and each of them has 2 clothing variations currently available to preview. The website also has a story page and gallery available, the latter at least 9 (mostly nsfw) images.

The release for Junjou Karen Freaks is planned in fall 2017.

New game: Maho x Roba -Witches Spiritual Home- (Akabei Soft)

Akabei Soft has opened a teaser page for new game Maho x Roba. Judging by the preview images, the game might contain 4 to 6 heroines. In the story, you come to live in a small school dorm. Together with 4 magical girls that all have trouble controlling their magic.

If the preview page is unavailable to you, there are (slightly nsfw) preview CGs available over at Dengeki Hime here, and heroine previews here. And finally, previews of their magical outfits are also available here.

New game: Ryouchi Kizoku (SofthouseChara)

Japanese visual novel / simulation game developer SoftHouseChara announced their latest game this week. The name is Ryouchi Kizoku and it appears to be another simulation game. A website has been opened here. It has several pages available, including a story page, character pages for 4 heroines, a system page, and a gallery with 8 (mostly nsfw) images.

Ryouchi Kizoku’s release date has been set to late august this year.

Teaser: New Baldr series game (Giga)

Giga has publisher a teaser in collaboration with Niconico. A new entry in the Baldr series will be announced on Jul 20.

Teaser: New title “Katana” by new Amusecraft brand Crystalia

Amuse craft opened a new brand called Crystalia and published a teaser page for the brand’s debut work, currently titled “Katana”. More information will follow on Jul 21 of this month. But for now we know that the artists will be Niro (Harvest OverRay), Pero (Ley Line), Usume Shirou (Harvest OverRay), and Moeki Yuta (New name). Whereby Pero will do the SD art as well. The story will be written by Toishi Hiroki, Gihara, and Nisshi.

The teaser page features an image of 4 heroines + a small fairy type of character, most of them wearing 1 or 2 huge swords. As if the name of the game didn’t already give enough information. You can click all of these characters for a little more information, so definitely check that out.

Short Japanese title news

  • Alice Soft’s game play visual novel Choukou Shinki Ixseal reached gold status. Meaning that it’ll be released as scheduled at the end of this month.
  • Other games that reached gold status are:
  • A trial was released for Marmalade’s Ouchi ni Kaeru made ga Mashimaro desu. Release scheduled for this month.
  • Omokage Railback by Haikuo Soft also got a trial this month.
  • Debut game Iyashi no Megami no Marmot by Shirokuma Dango was delayed by 2 months. Release date now set for late September.
  • NekoNeko Soft released the OP for Ruri no Kasane. (Youtube link)

Nukige (NSFW links)

  • Atelier Kaguya Bare & Bunny opened the teaser page for new game Shigokare ~Ecchi na Joshi Daisei to Doki x 2 Love Lesson!!~, with art by Choco Chip.
  • Triangle released a trial for upcoming game Sin Kourin Tenshi En Ciel Rena.
  • Norn opened the webpage for upcoming game Do M na High Elf-san to Isekai Haramase Slow Life.
  • Apadash released a trial for this month’s release of Seiso de Bitch na Hitozuma wa, Jitsu wa Succubus Deshita ~Onegai Desu, Otto ni wa Iwanaide~.

Final word

As mentioned in the introduction, this post is a new format for us. So if you feel like there’s anything missing in this post, feel free to contact us on twitter or through our contact page.