Princess Evangile W Happiness Walkthrough (Mangagamer)

LIP Lewd Idol Project Vol3

This is a walkthrough for the English localization of Princess Evangile W Happiness. The fandisc of Princess Evangile, originally developed by Japanese developer Moonstone. Localized by Mangagamer.

As this is a fandisc, a guide is not really needed. Yet this guide is here for those who are wondering which routes are available. Princess Evangile W Happiness has 9 endings available for 9 different heroines.


  • Choices marked with a star (*) provide CG unlocks. Make sure to quick save and reload if you want all CGs

Rise end

  • Rise
  • * Come inside her

Ritsuko end

  • Ritsuko

Ayaka end

  • Ayaka
  • * Come inside her
  • * Come inside her

Chiho end

  • Chiho
  • * Come inside her

Ruriko end

  • Ruriko
  • Recall what happened
  • Think back on that morning
  • Think back on that time
  • * Cum in her mouth
  • * Come inside her
  • * Come inside

Konomi end

  • Konomi
  • Recall that night
  • Recall that time
  • * Ejaculate inside
  • * Encourage her to try her hardest

Mitsuki end

  • Mitsuki
  • Think back on that night
  • * Ejaculate inside

Tamie end

  • Tamie
  • Think back on Tamie’s dress
  • * Ask to come into her mouth
  • * Come inside her
  • * Come inside her

Marika end

  • Marika
  • Recall the incident
  • * Take off her glasses
  • * Ejaculate inside

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