Princess Evangile W Happiness

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Description & Story

Princess Evangile W Happiness is the fandisc for Princess Evangile. In this fandisc you get to play after stories for the main 4 heroines from the original visual novel. Rise, Chiho, Ritsuko, and Ayaka.

In additional, there’s also “another story” routes available for the 5 sub-heroines from the original Princess Evangile. So if you’re a fan of Ruriko, Marika, Tamie, Konomi, or even Mitsuki, this is your game.

The original common route is also included for those that need to be refreshed on the original story.

Princess Evangile W Happiness download edition

English publisher Mangagamer worked with original developer Moonstone to release an English download edition for Princess Evangile W Happiness. It was released on Jul 28 2017, and is available for download here.

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