D.C. III ~Da Capo III~

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Description & Story

Da Capo III is another entry in the hit series of visual novels by Japanese developer Circus. The series is known for its extensive stories, likable characters, and its many side-story releases and fandiscs. The story for Da Capo 3 is divided into 2 parts.

First is the story that takes place on the beautiful Hatsune Island, a place that has a different face each season. There, it follows Kiyotaka, a second-year student at the Kazami Academy, and the sole male member of the official newspaper club. Other members include the club president (and school idol) Rikka, his childhood friend Himeno, his half-blood cousin Yoshino, his underclassman Aoi, and Sara, a girl that skipped a grade and is now his classmate.

Together they spent their days in the clubroom. It’s not like there are a lot of interesting things happening on the island anyway, unlike the past.

Until one day in winter, when all of the island’s Cherry blossom trees all begin to bloom at once. At the same time, all of the club members receive a mysterious message on their phones telling them that they should be at “that promised place” when the Cherry blossoms are in full bloom. A part of the message is cut off, but it gets even stranger when they notice that the date of the message is in the distant past.

Rikka calls upon all club members, and together they begin to investigate this story.

London story
Then Da Capo 3 will go over into the main story. In this story Kiyotaka is the son of a prominent magic family in Japan when he travels to London together with his younger sister Himeno. There, they attend the Royal London Magic Academy, also known as Weather Vane.

What awaits them in London is a place shrouded in mists and a huge underground academic city. Within the underground, there are three floating islands in the shape of the crescent moon. It’s there, in the best environment to study magic, that many young magicians gather for their studies.

Despite being in new environment the 2 siblings are quickly able to make new friends and begin their life at the Academy.

Fun and happy days…
Days just like a musical Da Capo…
As if it were a dream…


There are many different editions available for Da Capo 3. The original Japanese edition was released in 2012 and was released as an all-ages edition. Something that was different from the previous entries in the series. A few months later, a 1.3 release was published which added a new story variation as well as a new route for Aoi. Then, roughly a year after the original release, the “R” version was made available. Which added the 1.3 release content as well as Windows 8 compatibility. At the same, the X-rated version was published alongside.

There’s also a fandisc available, called “Da Capo 3 With You“.

English Download edition

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