Otome ga Irodoru Koi no Essence

Description & Story

Protagonist Naoto is employed as the second chef in the mansion of one of the most prominent families of Japan. The family’s only daughter attends a prestigious all-girls school and one day her odd behavior caught the attention of Naoto’s employer. Since the school has a vacancy open for the position of a cook, Naoto is directed to take up the position and keep an eye out on things.

However, before he can even start his first day of work, he learns that he has already received a reassignment. Instead of working as a cook he’ll now have to attend classes as a student… dressed as a girl obviously.

Naoto puts up some resistance but eventually can’t refuse the pleading eyes of his employer. And so this marks the start of his days as “Chihiro”. Can he keep his true identity hidden?



OP / Demo movie