Ne no Kami Indiegogo campaign reached additional content stretch goal

With just a few more days to go, the Indiegogo campaign by Kuro Irodoru Yomiji and Sekai Project for Ne no Kami reached its second stretch goal. The newly reached goal means that they’ll be able to bring additional content to the series for your viewing pleasure. The previous stretch goal, a mobile port, was already reached quite quickly into the campaign.

In response to reaching the new stretch goal, the game’s creator, sent out a message for all the backers:

To all backers, thank you very much!
Before long, we’ve gotten a surprisingly large number of backers.
Right before we started, I was so worried about whether we’d meet our goal that I couldn’t really sleep.

However, seeing the rush of backers right after we started I was rather relieved.
I will never forget everyone’s enthusiasm and this sense of unity from this project!

There’s only a few more days left but,
let’s aim for the next stretch goal… No, let’s aim for the PS Vita version of Ne No Kami!

Last days of the campaign
There are about 3 days left for the campaign, and of course they are now hoping to reach the next stretch goal. Which is a Light Novel novel installment. Also, a livestream by Sekai Project is planned for the last day of the campaign, read more about it at the updates page here.

Ne no Kami
Ne no Kami is a yuri game just like Sacrament Sheep, a translation of their previous game that was released just a few months ago. Both an all-ages version as well as a DRM free downloadable version with 18+ content will be available. Its release is estimated in August of this year.