Unexpected English trial appears for ChuSinGura 46+1 on Steam

It appears that June will be a popular month for publishers and fan-translations of English visual novel games. Or perhaps things just ended up this way. In any case, an unexpected translation was released onto Steam earlier today. The free-to-play trial version for ChuSinGura 46+1, a visual novel which tells the historical tale of the 47 Ronin, is now available.

The Steam page has been set up by the original Japanese developer of the game, Inre, and new publisher name NextNinja. Don’t let the free-to-play part or the trial part confuse you however, since this release covers the entire first chapter of the game. Which is huge by itself. The release is also dual-language so be sure to change language to English in the option screen if everything is still in Japanese. All audio is still in Japanese however, and most likely will remain that way.


Chusingura screen 3 Chusingura screen 2 Chusingura screen 1

Full release & 18+ content

As of this moment it’s unknown what Inre’s plans are for the game.  The only piece of information that we have is this tweet from their official account which holds the announcement for this Steam trial release. Nor do we have any information about the release dates of the other chapters.

The same goes for the adult content that has currently been cut out for the Steam release. It’s unknown whether a 18+ patch is planned or not.

Opening Movie