The Expression Amrilato

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Description & Story

The Expression Amrilato, -or Kotonoha Amrilato- is an all-ages girls’ love visual novel by new brand SukeraSparo. Released in English through Mangagamer.

The story follows Rin, a young female student with a positive attitude. One day Rin noticed something strange on her way home from the local shopping center. The sky had suddenly turned pink, and even though she was supposed to be in a familiar area she could no longer read the signs around her. The words spoken around her were also unintelligible. At a loss for what to do, she sits down to access the situation.

Not much later, a beautiful young girl named Ruka appeared and offers her a helping hand. After some effort they begin to understand each other and it’s there that our pure girls’ love story begins…

The Expression Amrilato English download edition

The Expression Amrilato is available for download over at Mangagamer. As mentioned before, it’s an all-ages game and does not contain nudity.

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