Visual novel highlights week Jul 31 – Aug 6, Wonderful Everyday Kickstarter and new Clock Up title

Welcome to August, the summer month among summer months. Not too much is happening this month in visual novel land, but there’s still enough information being released that warrants a compilation post. So without further ado, here’s the visual novel news summary for the past week (Jul 31 – Aug 6). Just like usual the news has been split between English Visual Novels, Japanese Visual Novels, and Nukige games specifically.

English visual novels

Wonderful Everyday Kickstarter campaign

After some adjustments, Frontwing and KeroQ have now started the Kickstarter campaign for Wonderful Everyday. Also known under its Japanese title “Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~”, Wonderful Everyday is a dark themed philosophical visual novel with a story told over several chapters.

The first of those chapters will be released on Steam in late August, while all the other chapters will be available for download as free DLCs. The Kickstarter campaign provides access to physical copies of the game, as well as various other goodies. Be sure to check it out.

Sakura Sakura Prefundia page

Sakura Sakura is a visual novel by Japanese company Haikuo Soft. New localization company Sol Press have teamed up with them to make an English release possible. The company has now published a Prefundia page here in order to prepare for a small crowdfunding campaign. The main goal of the campaign will be to assist in the production of physical goods and to help subsidize some of the secondary costs. The main bulk of the costs will be covered by Sol Press itself.

If all goes to plan, a release in four months might be possible with many digital items ready for delivery immediately after the Kickstarter campaign is finished. A special website for the English release is also available here.

Short English title news

  • The Human Reignition Project announced to be making good progress on the new demo.
  • A voiced demo for Fatal Twelve will be made available on August 11.
  • Pre-orders for the localized version of Girls Love game Seabed are available at Mangagamer. Release in December.
  • Lupiesoft is continuing development on Mutiny, hoping to get enough funding to assist in development.
  • The Episicava Kickstarter campaign reached its targeted goal.

Japanese visual novels

New Clock Up title: Nemurenu Hitsuji to Kodoku na Ookami

Clock Up has released the name of a new title to be released in 2017, Nemurenu Hitsuji to Kodoku na Ookami. A teaser page has been opened here, with the full site to be opened on August 25.

Clock Up’s regular Akutsu Ryou will be working on the title, with Kurashiki Tatsuya writing the scenario. The art will be done by Norizane.

Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody fandisc announced

Ensemble has published a teaser page for an upcoming fan-disc for cross-dressing visual novel Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody. The full title of the fan-disc is “Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody ~Afureru Omoi o Shirabe ni Nosete~”.

As per usual, the game seems to contain after stories for the various heroines. More information will follow on August 18, when the website opens.

Trial for girl’s love title Kotonoha Amrilato

New brand Sukera Sparo has released a trial for their upcoming all-ages girls’ love visual novel Kotonoha Amrilato. The trial is available for download from the official website for the game here. It’s about 534MB in size.

Kotonoha Amrilato is a game about a girl named Rin who suddenly finds herself in a world where she can no longer understand the language. Another girl named Ruka then decides to help her out, and a pure love story unfolds from thereon. Read the full synopsis here.

Kotonoha Amrilato will be released on August 25.

Short Japanese title news


There were again quite a few patches released this week. Make sure to update your games. Here’s the list:

  • Hibiki Works released patch 1.06 for Niizuma Lovely x Cation.
  • Patch 1.01 was released for Can Can Bunny Premiere 2 Refresh.
  • Escu:de released patch 1.02 for Re;Lord Dai San Shou.
  • Patch 1.05 was released for Eushully’s Amayui Castle Meister.

Nukige (External NSFW links)

  • Dual Tail released a trial for Venus Blood -Brave-.
  • UnderMoon released a second patch for June game Chijoku Yuugi.
  • Hadashi Shoujo released patch 1.1 for Niizuma Koyomi.
  • Atelier Kaguya released a trial for hypnosis game Saimin Torotoro Operation. It also reached gold status.
  • Tanuki Soft released patch 1.02 for “Onii-chan Daisuki!”.
  • Interheart Glossy published the OP for Ama Ero ~Doutei-kun o Yasashiku Escort~ (Youtube).

And I missed this one from last week: Fudegaki Soft has announced new game Saimin Gakuen 2-nensei. Release in October. Website to follow soon.

Final word

We do our best to find all items that might interest you as a visual novel fan. Still, if you feel like there’s anything missing in this post, feel free to contact us on twitter or through our contact page.

Update August 7: Added info on the Episicava campaign