Kickstarter for Ley-Line trilogy appears with Physical Limited Editions

Localization company Sekai Project has published a Kickstarter for Physical Limited Editions of the Ley-Line trilogy by Japanese developer Unionshift. In the Kickstarter they explain that the translation for the game was already fully funded, but there were many requests for a physical edition. This campaign now gives you the chance to pre-order your copy.

The campaign originally provided an early bird tier for the first backers, but it has barely been a day and the campaign has already been “funded”. Other tiers available include a digital copy of the trilogy (both the adult and all-ages versions of the games) and a version that includes a digital soundtrack as well. The Physical Limited Edition tiers start at $135 and come with digital copies as well. The tiers up from that provide a B2 Swimsuit Tapestry, a Shikishi, and a B2 Dressing Tapestry.

The only stretch goal currently available, is one for a digital + physical artbook.

A Clockwork Ley-Line

Tokeijikake no Ley Line is a trilogy of visual novels of a world in which magic exists. You’ll experience the story through the eyes of transfer student Michiru. In his world, there’s a mysterious academy at which two worlds exists. There’s the normal world as we know it during the day, and a magic world during the night. As a newly enrolled student, he only comes to know about this after he breaks an expensive statue at the entrance of the academy. And the school principal assigns him to the “Bureau for the Investigation of Special Affairs” as a compensation. It’s in the service of this bureau that he comes to learn about the mysteries of the academy.

When the school’s clock tower rings, the world mixes with the magic world, with all kinds of supernatural problems as a result. It’s now Michiru’s job to investigate these problems, together with bureau president Ushio and the mysterious librarian Rito. The cause of these phenomenons are usually magical tools called “Mists”. They come into effect once certain conditions are met and thus tend to appear in front of people who are in need of their power.

Release date

It’s currently unclear as to what the exact release date of the trilogy will be. The game’s official website simply mentions 2017, and the physical editions Kickstarter mentions January 2018.