IndieGoGo campaign launched for yuri game Ne no Kami

English localization company Sekai Project has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for the localization of Ne no Kami, a yuri game by amateur group Kuro Irodoru Yomiji. If the campaign succeeds it’ll be the second game by the group that gets localized. The first one being Sacrament of the Zodiac. At the time of this writing the new campaign has already achieved 66% of its goal.


The story for this game was written by Fenrir Vier.

A large earthquake rocks Kyoto at its core, unsettling the balance of the world. Through television and radio, news of absurd behaviors and emergence of cults became frequent, and demons sightings were reported all throughout Japan. But with the passage of time, society’s belief in the supernatural was fading and the people’s interest would eventually return to the mundane, regular life. The demons were no longer seen, and the world has become “peaceful” at the surface. Not long thereafter, the events of the earthquake were all but forgotten. Len has been living her entire life as a regular high school student. But suddenly, she is reunited with Shinonome, her childhood friend from long ago, and receives the ominous message-

“Len, you are going to abandon this town… and die—today”

Since her reunion with Shinonome, Len’s life is thrust into an all new “reality,” and the curtain which hid the “truth” of this new world is been lifted. Len and Shinonome must tempt fate and face a world in which reality is all but blurred, as the truth of this world comes to light.


The art is drawn by Hatatchi. The campaign page has the character designs available as well as some of the scenery backgrounds.


If you want to see some more art for the game I can also recommend to check out Ne no Kami’s VNDB page here.



Ne no Kami’s IndieGoGo campaign will run for another month, with its initial (flexible) goal set to 12K, and no stretch goals mentioned beyond that.

A Steam Key will be available from $10 and up (Part 1 only), while $35 will reward you with Steam Keys for Part 1 and 2 as well as 18+ patches for both up them. Which will be uncensored as well in case you were wondering. A physical version is available from $60, witb a special $100 tier available that adds both an artbook and a CG soundtrack.

Release date

If the campaign succeeds the translated game is expected to release in October this year.