December 2017 games

A list of visual novel (or related) games that are released in December 2017 (Archive). Click on a game to read the full story synopsis. Sorted in random order.

Note on English games
In the case of translated games, the dates listed for them might be the release date of original Japanese release, so don’t let those confuse you.

There are quite a few English releases this month, including 2 titles by Sekai Project. They released the public version of Hoshizora no Memoria on December 18th, as well as the first Ley-Line game on the same date.

Mangagamer released the Dies irae DX package on the 19th and Imopara 2 on the 22nd, while Pulltop’s  Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o was released by MoeNovel under the name of A Sky Full of Stars.

Last but not least there’s the English release of all-ages title SeaBed.

Note on Japanese games
As for the Japanese titles, there are less than you might expect from a December month. Nevertheless does it include some worthy titles. So definitely check them out.