Princess X – My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?!

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Description & Story

Princess X – My Fiancee is a Monster Girl is the debut monster girl visual novel by Japanese developer Poison@Berry. The original title being “Princess X ~Boku no Iinazuke wa Monsterkko!?~”.

Princess X’s story starts when Shinichi’s father tells him that he has arranged a fiancee for him. However, he can’t help to be surprised when he learns that all of the selected girls aren’t human at all. Wait, “all”? Yes, you read it right, there isn’t just one fiancee, but four! There’s the lamia princess Nadiusu the 12th, centaur knight Proxima, mechanical princess R-Komadori, and lastly there’s the Gozen Tegusu, an arachne princess.

Alas, that’s not all yet. Shinichi’s father also tells him that if he doesn’t choose a marriage partner, he will destroy the world. Thus, with the fate of the world on his shoulders, the curtain rises for a story of a boy seeking a bride amongst his non-human fiancees.

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JAST USA has published an English translation of Princess X called “Princess X – My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?!”. It’s now available in both a physical and a download edition here.



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